Hydroboreal | Our Mission
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Our Mission

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“Necessity… the mother of invention”.


Know the true. Have empathy. Stand up for what you believe in. Make a difference. Be the change you want to see. Don’t believe the media. Be proud. Work with nature, no against it. Stop pollution. Live without causing harming to other sentient beings. Save the animals. Save the planet. Save the humans. GO VEGAN!!!


“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”
― Victor Hugo


The human body is a perfect biological machine that works 24 hours a day as a Swiss clock in sync with the rhythm of nature; when that balance is upset it is restored by the same body by a process called homeostasis.


This ability to self-regulate under normal conditions allowing the body to function without major alterations during the course of our lives, but what happens when that balance is disrupted and altered ?, just different pathologies are manifested in our body as a mild disease, and sometimes severe.


In neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimers early symptoms manifest themselves many years before the disease becomes evident as such and is due to a progressive degenerative process. The stress and disrupted sleep and diet are undoubtedly crucial factors that accelerate these pathologies.


The inability to counteract stress leads pace with the modern world makes us vulnerable to develop any kind of pathology, manifested in neurological, endocrine, circulatory conditions, etc …


Overall invisible diseases ranging slowly undermining our natural ability to defend and survive, at least we believe they are invisible when we force our bodies to situations of prolonged stress because there is a task we must perform in our daily routine.


The brain like all machines suffer from overheating and overuse this means that there is an excess of metabolic activity leading to severe states of anxiety, lack of sleep and sleep loss … has been shown by recent studies that chronic depression causes episodes of inflammation of the brain that are cumulative over time.


Since the artificial light was invented the circadian rhythm of our body and our brain is interrupted began to adapt to these new forms but not for its own benefits. Melatonin is a smart substance produced by our pineal gland in the center of the brain, responsible for cooling the brain when the sun disappears, when this happens the brain begins to die down naturally and that’s when we started to feel sleepy. But 90% of the current population does not respect these signals that gives us our brains and they force beyond its natural response and begins a gradual process of chronic overheating, which leads to neuronal wear and our mental abilities begin to decline.


The secret then is to induce brain cooling using natural method and that nothing better than cold water. the most universal and healthy substance that exists on our planet simply would not exist without water life.


8 natural therapies universally recognized as effective, used for millennia, now in this unit therapy together, with electronic components, blending organics elements with modern technology to restore the natural balance of our body.


There have been great advances and discoveries in modern medicine since the microscope was invented, allowing scientists understand the histological functioning of our body and its different chemical reactions, reaching new knowledge day by day in the medical field.


The discovery of penicillin and anesthesia certainly made a big difference because they became important medicines for surgery. However, indiscriminate use of antibiotics has created resistance and mutations in many bacteria and viruses that could have devastating consequences if they are not controlled in time. Nowadays, thousands of procedures have been developed with new techniques and drugs that undoubtedly have allowed a better and longer life expectancy in the population.


We know off the different variety of drugs that exist, many people have access to them without a prescription and most of these drugs have side effects on the health of people. It is a great industry that cures but also generate diseases. The strategy is to create dependent customers for their products, frequently diagnosed as incurable diseases when they are not, becoming thus an activity for big business.


Our proposal is to return to the principles based on natural methods of self-healing and research; at the same time conveying to the world a new dogma and a new way of looking at diseases. A clever combination between modern medicine and “alternative” medicine, having a healthier lifestyle and reducing the chance of developing diseases.


We believe that modern medicine should not be underestimated, there are certainly procedures that will always be needed and cannot be replaced by “alternative” medicine. But in many cases it can be prevented.


For example, the temporomandibular joint due to stress and to restore subsequent invasive dental procedures. In this case, for not controlling the cause, it will be undoubtedly necessary to access to invasive and restorative medicine, but if we control our minds and our bodies, we can certainly avoid the problem. The same with heart disease, pancreas and developing many degenerative diseases.


Our body is a whole “mind, body and spirit” if we neglect any of these components, you cannot expect the body works optimally, and self-regulating. “Homeostasis”.


Importantly, the diet of most people is poor in nutrients and toxic, “fast food” or “junk food” that temporarily eliminates hunger, raise cholesterol, sugars levels and nutrients are null and if we talk about the issue of GMOs, it is even longer and delicate.


And if we add a sedentary lifestyle, we have the perfect formula to develop any kind of systemic disease. This simply decreases the self-defense capability, which may end tragically in serious diseases.




Organizing a large and massive global movement for healing, education, prevention and not only in relation to health but also the environment. In almost all religions, man is the pinnacle of creation, noting that other species were created for consumption.


This is a selfish paradigm that has been rooted for generations, and man has been destructive and predatory for our environment.


Ecosystems, vegetation, fauna, rivers, seas, and all the natural resources that have been in contact with the man have come to less and many species have been wiped out by the lack of consciousness of humanity.


We cannot and should not be passive observers of reports and allegations made daily about the mistreatment of animals, burning of forests, threats to drill the Arctic by greedy corporations and remaining idle and waiting for the results without taking action.


It is time to be active and fight for nature and not wait for the politicians to resolve it for us.


The industrial age has brought great benefits to our way of life, however I would have liked to do some changes in history if I only had access to a time machine and travel back in time. The facts speak for themselves and the impact on our environment if we do not take immediate action will be devastating. Not being sensationalist and alarmist, the fact is that we must all learn to become aware to be proactive and not simply wait for God to do a miracle that we cannot do not do ourselves, or rather wait for a disaster caused by our apathy.


Under a religious point of view, not defending God’s creation is a sin right? Such conduct would be more damning for him who does not attend church every Sunday.


“THE NEW ERA OF SELF HEALING” is the motto of our company and it is not limited to our physical body, also with our spirit and our planet.


Do not expect to see the paradise after death that religions are always talking about on the neglected planet in which we live.


Species are disappearing. The nature is just beautiful and is a cardinal sin of not taking immediate action would be very sad to see replicas of tigers, lions, rhinos, elephants, lions, etc in a museum as we see in museums of natural art with extinct animals.


Sport is essential in the development of our children, but are we cultivating their spiritual side really? If we create the daily habit of meditation in our children, it will reduce violence in the world.


This is a message that gives Dalai Lama with which I totally agree. See with astonishment and grief as families on weekends are organized with the children to hunt animals, regardless of the pain from these innocent beings, feeling proud and even the entire family photos taken with the dead animal and posted on Facebook blatantly . for me it is simply inhumane and ruthless behavior.


I invite everyone to join and overcome these obsolete schemes in a legion of Justice. Whoever harms an animal cannot be a good person is more likely to develop sociopath features, simply has no soul.


Our mission is to create synchronized meditation sessions according to each time zone and the use of visualization to communicate all the powerful positive and creative energy to cover all the planet and beyond; to create the necessary energy to manifest the changes that all want to see around us. Today’s technology offers many ways to do it and anyone can access it with our unit, all that you need is a plug and a wireless connection. The configuration of HYDRO BOREAL THERAPY makes very easy to attain this task all days of our life, combining the most precious resource on earth and same time under valuated for so many people (water); the creation of perfect atmosphere to involve your sense with aromas, energetic stones, lights, with a technology complements like bluetooth speaker system for music and nature sound (binaural beats) and a base for a tablet for visualization therapy. It’s all about energy! positive and healing energy.


“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”― Nikola Tesla


Little by little violence is disappearing in the world, the system that oppresses us, abusive, sadistic governments and corporations that destroy lives and dreams, all for the ultimate goal of being increasingly powerful.


I promise to offer the most beautiful videos of relaxation you can enjoy and for that I need a team of graphic and technical designers sound artists; the best herbs without toxic pesticides to bring our minds to the threshold of ecstasy and thus open our third eye or pineal gland. This entire project needs massive support, I do not think that individual contribution will not make a difference! This has been one models biggest mistakes of our thinking.


What good would organize weekends in the community, detect deforested areas and share the experience with people planting for areas according to the type of vegetation in each city and country; go to the beaches and dirty rivers and cleaning equipment, help homeless animals, especially to educate our children that hunting is a crime and should be treated as such.


Some people are under absurd excuse traditions, laws punish the current practice as American citizens and is part of an international criminal law . There are hunting safaris in Africa of endangered animals and there are no international laws that punish for the simple fact that corrupt governments of those countries allow it to generate income. That is strongly condemned!


Remember that the human being is not the center of the universe! “WE ARE ALL ONE” , including all the species over the planet and its resources.


Planet earth without mankind would be in harmony for million of years and at the current pace of destruction our planet would not survive more than a few more decades, unless a major change in mentalities and actions occur from us. Let’s grab this opportunity now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!