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The athletic choice

Cryotherapy-Cold Therapy

More Effective Muscle-Building than Steroids!

We have good news! You can achieve thermogenesis without putting your whole body into a shiver.

Recent popularity of thermogenesis grew from findings that it can help burn fat and increase your metabolism without the strain of physical exercise.

There are three approaches which humans can use to achieve a state of thermogenesis: exercise associated, non-exercise activity and diet induced thermogenesis. One of the safest methods for humans to achieve a state of non-exercise thermogenesis is by shivering.

Ice baths are not a new thing and have been used in sport therapy and injury rehab to help heal and renew strained or overworked muscles. Polar bear dips have been around since the late 1800’s as a healthy jolt to reduce swelling.

Burn Fat:

You may think icing just your face won’t burn fat on the rest of your body but you are sorely mistaken thanks to the vagus nerves. These cranial nerves intertwine control over the nerves of the heart, digestive tract and skeletal muscles right from your head. By throwing the vagus nerves in thermogenesis with an ice cold face bath, you can effectively influence the nerves to burn fat throughout your body.

Improve Skins Appearance:

Blemishes like pimples, dry skin and rashes also benefit from a routine of icing your face. Keeping pores tight with a cold body temperature helps to eliminate the chance of bacteria and infection finding a home in the crevices of your skin. Furthermore, by stimulating the body into a shiver, the skin develops a healthy flush on account of increased blood flow.

Reduce the Pain of Inflammation:

Cold temperatures restrict the flow of blood to the surface which is why professional athletes often use cold plunges to limit muscle swelling post training session. Not only will a face plunge minimize puffiness around the eyes, it can influence blood flow throughout the body and eliminate the strain of inflammation in joints and surrounding muscle tissue.

Sleep Better:

Thermogenesis is used by animals in the wild to hibernate for months at a time. Thermoregulation is integral to deep sleep cycles and our bodies naturally dip in temperature closer to the evening to encourage slumber. Modern stimulations can often throw this dip into turmoil which is why a cold face plunge can help your body prepare for a deep and sound nights rest.