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*At Home

HOMES reduced
The constant stimuli of city life can be mentally exhausting, and life in the city can actually dull our thinking. In navigating the outdoor environment, one must continually monitor traffic and pedestrian flow while constantly focusing on where one is going and the means to get there. Constant response to even such low-level stimuli cannot be maintained indefinitely. A few minutes in a crowded city setting can cause the brain to suffer memory loss and reduced self-control. Even brief glimpses of natural elements improve brain performance by providing a cognitive break from the complex demands of urban life.
You could create your on mystical environment , your special place where only you will concentrate your spiritual energy, your sanctuary, your own temple, and you don’t really need a huge structure, just a little space in a special place of your bedroom or other special room to created the perfect ecosystem to meditate and make connection with you superior being, the Universe will answer to you all the question that you have, doubts, fears, insecure, as soon you realize that this place will transform in your source of power and inspiration, you will learn how to mastering your new powers; the paths will appear by itself, the real spiritual path with not distraction, your mind will flourish to appreciate everything from new perspectives.
HYDRO BOREAL THERAPY will become your new best friend, it will encourage cognitive function through a high level of visual fascination and mystery.  You could establish a new ritual in your life, in the morning before go out to work, study or what else, after taking a shower you could spend 5 to 10 minutes over HYDRO BOREAL THERAPY with the great result of feeling blessed, powerful, cheerful for the new day with spiritual and mental stamina to attain your objectives and goals.  At night, also after take your shower you could spend 15 minutes of pleasure meditation and prepare yourself to have the most beautiful repairer dream, organizing your mind, your ideas and getting calm.  Doing this you will feel that life is smiling you all the single days of your life, and you will fell enough capable to solve all your issues not allowing that affect your mental integrity and internal peace. That is exactly when love for life is manifesting.