Hydroboreal | Spas
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The calming effects of crystals

Spas around the world have proliferated in all its variables, from the simplest and most modest to the most luxurious and modern. All seek to create a relaxing, mystical and welcoming atmosphere for people who need to pause in their styles of stressful lives reloaded vigor, energy and enthusiasm.


Many of them have tempered pools and jacuzzi, hydro jets, thalassotherapy, etc.


When entering them you lose perspective of time, you do not know whether it is day or night; mysticism in its decorations, the play of light, aromas, relaxing music, create in your mind a state of spiritual bliss.


Hydro Boreal Therapy offers a new form of therapy, very useful to achieve these results, it is easy to locate in any space; it’s design and play of lights; its different therapies will undoubtedly be the new trend to be taken into consideration by the owners of spas worldwide.


The body can produce an unhealthy buildup of hormones when we’re stuck in traffic or meeting a work deadline. Pent-up levels of the “stress hormone” cortisol can lead to sleeplessness, headaches and even digestive problems.


Benefits of Improved Relaxation

  • Improves mental outlook
  • Allows for better handling of pressure
  • Reinforces positive attitude
  • Promotes relaxed states of mental alertness
  • Enhances calm and creative thinking


“Cosmic atmosphere pleasant music. Relaxing music with quiet of the night when the wind caresses upper front view stars and angels in heaven. Music penetrates the soul and floods the body with a shudder of music.”


The ergonomic and eco friendly design, easy to move and clean , colorful , and attractive shape of HYDRO BOREAL THERAPY ,definitely has to be part of spas around the world.