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Light healing? Different colors heal the body in various ways. It is that simple.


The Spectro-Chrome system is as simple as smiling at a rainbow. No complex math or million dollar machines needed. Anyone could learn to use it and it made common sense.


Does it work?
Before we invest time in learning “how” or “why” it works we must know if light therapy “chromotherapy” could work.


Hospitals all over the world use “phototherapy” to cure babies of jaundice by shining a blue light on them to counter the extreme buildup of orange. Millions of infant children are saved every year through this method.


Light therapy is also use to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder by exposing patients to full spectrum bright lights.


There is also a study being done of the apparent positive effect of ultra-violet light on mental patients.


Spectro-Chrome reached the height of it’s popularity in the 40-50’s.


Thousands of clinic’s in America had one. It was quickly becoming the favorite way to heal and many mainstream doctors had happily gotten on board.


“For centuries scientists have devoted untiring effort to discover a means for the relief or cure of human ills and restoration of the normal functions. Yet in neglected light and color there is a potency far beyond that of drugs and serums. Color is the simplest and most accurate therapeutic measure yet developed. I can produce quicker and more accurate results with colors than with any or all other methods combined—and with less strain on the patient.”
-Kate Baldwin MD


This simple healing system is not only astonishingly effective but also unlocks far deeper mysteries about the underlying nature of our universe.