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*Cryotherapy – Misogi



Using cold as a means of physical treatment is a practice that has been studied and utilized since the age of the ancient Egyptians 4000 years ago, who noted that the application of cold was effective in minimizing the pain of trauma and in decreasing inflammation.


The ancient Greeks would regularly bathe themselves in cold water since they found it made them stronger and more vigorous. Hippokrates (460 – 370 BC), an ancient Greek physician who is commonly referred to as the father of western medicine, found that local cold exposure had the ability to reduce swelling, bleeding and pain.


Whole-body and localized cryotherapy treatment has become very popular in European and numerous other countries in spas, clinics, medical institutions, and training centers. Beyond the clinical benefits of cold therapy, users generally report the experience as invigorating with improvement in a variety of conditions such as psychological stress, increased energy, improved sleep, and relief from muscle and joint pain. Athletes using the treatments report substantial decreased time for muscle stress recovery. The immediate effect lasts for minutes to hours, and the release of endorphins can have a lasting effect.


Cryotherapy: Freeze your way to better health?


NEW YORK — If you think it’s cold outside now, how about enduring temperatures that are hundreds of degrees below zero — by choice?


As CBS New York reports, more and more people are venturing to into the “frozen zone” for health and beauty.


“Everyone’s looking for the fountain of youth. Everyone’s looking for that thing that’s going to make them feel better,” spa-goer Heidi Krupp told CBS2’s Kristine Johnson.


And what makes Krupp feel better is stepping into a chamber where the temperature is an unbelievable minus 141 degrees Celsius. That’s 228 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. The treatment is known as whole body cryotherapy, a new health trend popping up across the country. It is two to three intense minutes of exposure to freezing nitrogen gas. The extreme temperatures shock the system and is said to stimulate the immune system.


In addition to saying it makes you look younger, Krupp said it’s a rush that lasts for hours — even days.


“I am addicted,” she said. “The temperatures are ranging from minus 184 degrees Fahrenheit — I know it sounds scary — to minus 264 degrees Fahrenheit,” said Joanna Fryben, CEO of the Kryolife cryotherapy center in New York City.


Fryben said the treatment was developed in Europe to treat pain related to fibromyalgia, arthritis and other ailments.


“Depression, anxiety, insomnia, and the patients who are treated with who body cryotherapy — they actually also reported an alleviation of these symptoms,” she said. However, there’s been little scientific research on the subject to back up any of those claims.


Extreme cold is known to be effective for pain relief. Sports teams like the Knicks are using it to help athletes with post-game recovery, Johnson reported.


So, Johnson herself gave it a try. “Is it normal to be this nervous? My heart is really beating,” she said before stepping into the chamber.


Her first impression: it was cold. Really, really cold. “I feel like there’s ice cubes all down my legs,” Johnson said.


Yet Johnson said the exhilaration was undeniable. “If you need that burst of energy, you really get it — like right away,” she said.


But pain management specialist Dr. Houman Danesh warns there are precautions that must be taken. “For example, if you have high blood pressure, if you have poor circulation in your fingers, if you have asthma, if you have blood clots anywhere, if you’re pregnant — it’s not something you should do,” Danesh said.


But Krupp is a true believer and says the health and even beauty benefits work for her.  “It helps me stay youthful, young, it also actually almost lets you lose a little bit of weight. It just is like a great lift for you. It’s amazing,” she said.


As for the costs, a single treatment is $90, and a series of treatments is less expensive, but not covered by insurance.




Since ancient times techniques for achievement of higher levels of judgement and intuition as well as mental/physical/spiritual renewal have been practiced. These activities are sometimes called Gyo (excercise, training) or more formally Misogi Harai: cleaning/purification of the body/mind/spirit.


Misogi Shuho is the Shinto practice of purifying oneself by washing away impurity/obscuring energies in a river, waterfall or sea. As Human beings we are the wakemitama or Children of the Divine Nature and as such we strive for the best life for ourselves, our families and our Chikyu Mura (World Village). The Shinto Shrine is an enriched environment for human beings to meet with and consider Divine Nature. Misogi is a profound spiritual technology meant to bring human beings into direct unmediated communion with Nature.


At Tsubaki Grand Shrine in Mie Japan Misogi Shuho has been practiced for centuries in the sacred waterfall Konryu Myojin no Taki and at Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America Misogi Shuho is practiced each morning (even during the extreme cold of the winter season) in the sacred Pilchuck River that flows through the shrine grounds from Mount Pilchuck on its way to the sea.


Translation of MISOGI-NO-O-HARAI:


Upon the will of the Great Spirit, by which the Universe is initiated in the cosmic force of creation by the Kamis (Divine Spirit) of birth and growth, and through which the solar system is united in the force of harmony by the Kamis of Yin and Yang, the Kamis of purification came to exist from the impurities which Izanagi-no-Mikoto (Divine creator of the solar system) cleansed from his body in the divine river of heaven.


We will be able to recognize (see) the Kami (truth), only after we purify ourselves of all negativity, impurities, faults and restore ourselves to what we are meant to be (natural brightness).


If you would like to participate in the Misogi Shuho at Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America please contact the Shrine staff.


The sacred technology of Misogi-Shuho represents the Genius of Shinto.

Origin and Purpose of Misogi

Izanagi-no-OKami (Kami who created solar-system and ancestor Kami of all on Earth) conducted the first Misogi-Shuho following his visit to the Yomi (world of death). His purpose was to “wash away defilement”, “cleanse his body from pollutants” and to “perform the purification of his august person”. Prior to entering the Tachibana River to cleanse completely Izanagi-no-Mikoto rid himself of all his possessions…..as he was being pursued by elements of impurity from the Underworld he first through his tsue (staff)….from that staff SARUTAHIKO-NO-O-KAMI was born.


This is why SARUTAHIKONO-O-KAMI is also known as DOUSOUJIN, Kami of the Way, Path and Kami to protect the Path. FUNADO-NO-OU-KAMI, Kami to protect crossroads, KUNADO-NO-SAHE-NO-KAMI, Kami to Protect, ward off misfortune….Sarutahiko-no-O-Kami has many other names as well.


Then Izanagi-no-O-Kami threw away all his Jewelry and clothing into the river as they were also contaminated by impurities. These articles became the twelve Kami who protect the directions in which people live, travel, work and conduct business…..


Then after finding the spot in the river not to swift and not to slow Izanagi-no-O-Kami entered the river to purify himself….many Kami were created from this act, many Kami of wrongdoing as well as Kami to rectify wrongdoing originated during this first Misogi. Then when Izanagi-no-Ou-Kami washed his face AMATERASU-OMIKAMI (Heaven Shining Great August Deity, Sun Kami ) was born from his left eye. From his right eye was created TSUKIYOMI-NO-MIKOTO (Augustness Moon Night Posessor, Moon Kami) and from his nose appeared SUSA-NO-MIKOTO (Brave Swift Impetuous Male Deity, Kami of Stars).


Amaterasu-OmiKami is responsible for the Sun, the source of our life power, Tsukiyominomikoto is responsible for night and quietness and growth and Susanomikoto is responsible for rhythmic movement of earth as Kami of Stars. These Kami, born through the first Misogi are responsible for the three heavenly light sources..sun, moon and stars.


Before the first Misogi, Izanaginomikoto rid himself of possessions and attachments.. to purify from attachment is the 1st element of Misogi.

Self reflection is the 2nd element.


In order to do Misogi Izanaginomikoto chose the part of the stream that was not to swift and not to sluggish…the “Middle Way” is the 3rd aspect of purification.


The 4th element is to check constantly and correct thouroughly.


The 5th element is inner willingness and sincere effort.


The 6th element is completeness.


How to Prepare Yourself Before Misogi ShuHo


When arriving at the shrine please quiet your Mind and Spirit to prepare for Misogi Shuho Misogi Shuho is the sacred activity meant to teach us:

  • Help us to live every day fully
  • How to pray sincerely to fulfill your wishes
  • How to choose the most correct life path
  • How to work for the benefit of Humanity and the World
  • How to help assist in purifying Tsumi/Kegare (negativity and minus KI)
  • How to pray for health of our family
  • How to find right livelihood
  • How to pass through critical junctures
  • How to solve problems

Through Misogi we can learn to harmonize with the KI of Heaven and Earth and the KI of protection


Effects of Misogi ShuHo


  • True understanding of our lives as Kami-no-Ko children of Divine Nature
  • Cultivation of the the Heart/Mind/Spirit of service to society
  • Transcending Ego and greed and understanding the Mission of Human Beings
  • Understanding of Kyoson Kyoeiprincipal of mutual co-existence and co-prosperity
  • Health benefit of increased circulation of blood and KI and spiritual revitalization
  • Strengthening overall constitution to become more genki
  • Sharpen the intellect (mind)
  • Tamashii (soul) is renewed…you can feel Inochi (life principal)
  • Bring new creativity to daily life
  • Misogi purifies the three temporal worlds: past/present/future…you receive KI of Divine Nature and give KI to others
  • Power to improve KI of Family
  • By raising spirituality you increase your contact with OKami and your ability to feel the heartbeat and breath of OKami




Through the sacred technology of Misogi Shuho you can match your mind/spirit to Kami-no-Kokoro (OKami’s mind/spirit/heart)…by following Nature’s Rule and the teachings of OKami you can feel OKami of Great Nature as your direct parent…be held by OKami and receive divine guidance and love.